Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just had another great review on my story, Acapulco Adventure: Deeann, Brenda and Greg worked for WestAir. A trip to Acapulco had been scheduled, but Dee declined because she was nursing a broken heart after Mark jilted her. Brenda, however, talks her into going anyway. Dee learns that she and Brenda will not be alone, that pilot Greg is going, too. One adventure leads to another as the author takes us from one problematic circumstance to the next, each one more suspenseful than the next. Brenda gets food poisoning and stays at the motel. Brenda and Greg persuade Dee to go with him on tour. Not only adventure and suspense, but wonderful descriptions of Acapulco. Marilyn Conner Miles created believable characters in this fascinating story which includes not only a budding romance, but a very involved diamond smuggling scheme. This is a fast paced tale that will keep you entertained to the end. I hope to read more of the author's works.

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