Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thjis Blog's BTGN Hot Summer Night's Winner

Congratulations to contest entrant Susan Platt, winner of the glass and bead bracelet, my giveaway for the Books To Go Now Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop. Thanks to all who entered and left your comments on this blog.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Readers often ask where an author gets their ideas and inspiration for a story. Many of us write from our own experiences and add to them! My inspiration for my story, Acapulco Adventure came from my years working for the airlines. Two of my co-workers and I did indeed take a vacation in Acapulco. No, there was no romance involved, though one of my co-workers was Gary. Brenda was really Rhonda. See how it works? I love those T-shirts that read, "Be careful, or you might be in my next novel!" It's true...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Thank you for stopping by! Just wanted you all to know that my sweet romance/adventure, Acapulco Adventure is FREE today on Amazon. For your FREE copy just go to: ,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What was your favorite Hot Summer Night? My debut story, Acapulco Adventure, may or may not have taken place during the summer, but it is certainly hot enough in Acapulco, even in the winter, to feel like it! Even the first couple weeks of this month, where I live, we had several days in the 80's. Summer is coming, I tell myself now, when I look out at the rain from my office window and dream of Hot Summer Nights!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop

1st Grand Prize: (1) Kindle Fire! 2nd Grand Prize: (1) $100 Amazon Gift Card

Books to Go Now Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop is here. Leave a comment and your email address for a chance to win Grand Prizes TODAY and on this blog spot for a chance to win a bracelet like the one below!

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"A fun, sweet romantic romp. I can't wait to read more by Ms. Miles," 
Jennifer Conner, Best-Selling author.

When the pilot Deeann was dating, broke up with her, she’s in no mood to go
on a vacation in Acapulco. But she’d promised Brenda, 'a little girl-only time'. Deeann can't believe that Brenda invited handsome WestAir pilot, Greg, to go with them.

When Deeann’s suitcase gets left behind, she wonders, what else can go wrong? Plenty. When she keeps seeing the same man, is she paranoid or are they being followed?

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Where is your favorite Summer destination? Mexico, Hawaii, Disneyland or somewhere else?
Leave your answer below with your email for a chance to win the adorable bead bracelet above or an ebook copy of Acapulco Adventure
Thanks for stopping by!

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1st Grand Prize: (1) Kindle Fire! 2nd Grand Prize: (1) $100 Amazon Gift Card

Friday, May 17, 2013

Books to go Now's Hot Summer Nights May 22-29

Stop by my blog, for Books To Go Now Hot Summer Night's Blog Hop May 22-29 for your chance to win one of four beautiful bracelets.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Debut story, Acapulco Adventure, can be purchased from Amazon, and will be free May 22-24!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just finished reading Jennifer Conner's latest release, "I'll Be Seeing You Through Time." It’s 1942. Jewel Rose works at a photography studio In San Francisco and is engaged to a sailor named Glenn. The night before he is to ship out to the South Pacific, Glenn leaves Jewel off at her apartment, and heads back to the barracks, but stops when a book catches his eye in the window of the bookstore, Second Chance Books. He’s never been there before but for some reason it looks really familiar and he feels compelled to go in. And then strange things begin to happen. The next morning, Jewel hasn’t slept all night. She goes to the docks to see Glenn off on his ship, but can’t find him, and eventually must leave to go to work. Then she gets the call from Glenn’s mother—his ship went down. There were no survivors. Soon after, Jewel goes to the recruiter’s office and joins the Marines, in hopes that it will end her memories of Glenn. She even tries to go out with her friends and dance with other men. But nothing helps. Her thoughts of Glenn are stronger than ever and her dreams of him seem so real...and strange. She thinks about ending her life and goes to the park where he proposed to her. But someone calls out her name, and a man comes up to her saying, “I’ve been sent to find you. Glenn left something for you, and it’s very important that you receive it.” You'll want to read this second in Jennifer's time-travel series to find out what Glenn left for Jewel and how it changes her life forever.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just had another great review on my story, Acapulco Adventure: Deeann, Brenda and Greg worked for WestAir. A trip to Acapulco had been scheduled, but Dee declined because she was nursing a broken heart after Mark jilted her. Brenda, however, talks her into going anyway. Dee learns that she and Brenda will not be alone, that pilot Greg is going, too. One adventure leads to another as the author takes us from one problematic circumstance to the next, each one more suspenseful than the next. Brenda gets food poisoning and stays at the motel. Brenda and Greg persuade Dee to go with him on tour. Not only adventure and suspense, but wonderful descriptions of Acapulco. Marilyn Conner Miles created believable characters in this fascinating story which includes not only a budding romance, but a very involved diamond smuggling scheme. This is a fast paced tale that will keep you entertained to the end. I hope to read more of the author's works.