Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saddle Up For Love

Just released as an ebook on Amazon.com my newest story, Saddle Up For Love (The Pancake Club Story #4). This is the fourth and last story in The Pancake Club series. Barb Sessions is a wrangler for the Saddle Up Dude Ranch, just outside the small town of Mercy Ridge. A couple times a week she and the other Pancake Club members got together for breakfast at the Memories Diner and discussed single life in a small town. Trouble is, now the other members are all engaged to be married. Barb meets a lot of dudes, couples in love and children on her job, but never any men her age. Could it be because she's always in jeans and cowboy boots? Dirk Adams is new to town, the new vet and the new owner of the town's Large Animal Mobile Veterinary Clinic. And, this is his first job as a practicing veterinarian. He's heard that small town folks often don't warm up to new people...and now he's getting ready to replace their beloved retiring Doc Nick. How will they react to Dirk's new ways?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Just Released! Third in the Pancake Club Series!

If you've read Love on The Airwaves by Jennifer Conner and Lesson Plan For Love by Jackie Marilla, you'll want to get the next story in the series, Damage Control by J.W. Stacks. You can find it on Amazon.com today!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lesson Plan For Love

Lesson Plan for Love (The Pancake Club Book 2)Lesson Plan for Love by Jackie Marilla
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you’ve read Jackie Marilla’s previous stories, Only on Valentine’s Day and Love Those Hula Hips as I have, you won’t be disappointed in her newest sweet romance, Lesson Plan For Love, the second story in The Pancake Club series, that began with Jennifer Conner’s Love on the Airwaves.

Unlucky in love, Chad Granger faces his friends at the Memories Diner with dread. How should he explain his latest in a string of break-ups? He enters the café with a grin pasted on his face, but when his fellow Pancake Club members greet him for breakfast, by the looks on their faces, he realizes they—and the rest of the town—already know. The worst part is, now he has no more prospects, unless an angel waltzes into town.

When a vision in purple with no wedding ring on her hand, dances through the café door, Chad has to wonder, could this really be his lucky day after all?

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