Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just finished reading Jennifer Conner's latest release, "I'll Be Seeing You Through Time." It’s 1942. Jewel Rose works at a photography studio In San Francisco and is engaged to a sailor named Glenn. The night before he is to ship out to the South Pacific, Glenn leaves Jewel off at her apartment, and heads back to the barracks, but stops when a book catches his eye in the window of the bookstore, Second Chance Books. He’s never been there before but for some reason it looks really familiar and he feels compelled to go in. And then strange things begin to happen. The next morning, Jewel hasn’t slept all night. She goes to the docks to see Glenn off on his ship, but can’t find him, and eventually must leave to go to work. Then she gets the call from Glenn’s mother—his ship went down. There were no survivors. Soon after, Jewel goes to the recruiter’s office and joins the Marines, in hopes that it will end her memories of Glenn. She even tries to go out with her friends and dance with other men. But nothing helps. Her thoughts of Glenn are stronger than ever and her dreams of him seem so real...and strange. She thinks about ending her life and goes to the park where he proposed to her. But someone calls out her name, and a man comes up to her saying, “I’ve been sent to find you. Glenn left something for you, and it’s very important that you receive it.” You'll want to read this second in Jennifer's time-travel series to find out what Glenn left for Jewel and how it changes her life forever.

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