Friday, January 9, 2015

New Trilogy!

Finally, all three of them together in one! First time in paperback for Acapulco Adventure! This is the trilogy of my series that begins with: Acapulco Adventure: Deeann and her coworker Brenda, ticket agents for WestAir in Seattle, Washington have planned a vacation to the resort destination, Acapulco Mexico. Problem is everything seems to go wrong. Mark, the pilot Deeann is dating breaks up with her, and then learns Brenda invited handsome WestAir pilot, Greg to go with them—what happened to their ‘girl-only’ time? Deeann’s suitcase gets left behind, and her only clothing is ruined by a spilled drink on the flight. When Deeann begins to suspect she and her friends are being followed everywhere they go, she wonders if it’s all in her imagination. After all, what else can go wrong? Plenty. Holiday Heart: It’s that time of the year…Christmas…and Brenda Burke is alone—as usual. Everyone she knows is paired up, except her. And now she has to go to a wedding and pretend to be happy? But even worse, her ex-boyfriend is the best man. Brenda and Blake broke up six years before and she hasn’t seen him since. How will she handle being around him again, and especially if he has another woman on his arm? Because trouble is, she’s never really gotten over him… Perfect Pair: Stunned by the loss of her paralegal job and with nowhere to live, city girl Amber Preston reluctantly agrees to take a temporary job as a house-and-pet sitter on a mini-farm. Problem is, she’s never had a pet of any kind, and now she must care for a collection of large and small animals with special needs. When handsome horseshoer Mick Christopher comes across her path, and to her rescue, Amber has to wonder: do all good things come in pairs?

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