Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to all my readers! Hope you have a safe and fun Fourth. And after the Fourth, please look for my soon-to-be-released third and last story of the series that began with Acapulco Adventure. Perfect Pair! Excerpt from Perfect Pair “There must be a million stars up there, strewn across the sky.” She pointed. “I’ve never seen anything like it except in pictures. It’s beautiful.” “That’s because it’s so dark out here in the country with no streetlights.” “I see the Big Dipper…and the Little Dipper.” She breathed in the icy air. Mick stood closer to her and pointed. “And there’s Orion. See it?” “No. Where?” She shivered as she stood there trying to find it, then felt the warmth of Mick’s heavily muscled arm around her, as he pointed with his other hand. “Right there. If you could wish on a star right now. What would you wish?” “I’d wish that this night wasn't a dream.” He took her arm and slowly turned her to face him. He touched her cheek. She’d never in her life had a man look at her as Mick did now. Their breaths mingled in the icy air. His handsome face was lit by the moonlight. He dropped his head to kiss her. It began with just a brush of his lips to hers. When she wound her hands behind his neck, he deepened the kiss. With his arms around her, he held her as though she was special. Precious.

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